Performance Issues

The IBM Application Gateway (IAG) provides configurable transaction logging capabilities that can aid in problem determination. Transaction logging, when enabled, will generate a file which contains timing information for requests which are processed by the system. This timing information can then be used to help identify any performance bottlenecks present in the system. Transaction logging data is intended primarily for use by IBM Software Support. Transaction logging data might be requested as part of diagnosing a reported problem.



Use transaction logging with caution. It is intended as a tool to use under the direction of IBM Software Support and may degrade system performance.


In order to enable transaction logging the settings must be added to the IAG configuration YAML file in the logging transaction node. The configuration options are detailed in the YAML reference documentation: Transaction.


An example configuration to enable transaction logging is provided below:

    file_name: /var/iag/transaction.log
    max_file_size: 52428800 # 50MB
    max_files: 5
    compress: true