Specifies an array of trace components to be enabled. Tracing can be used to assist with problem determination in the environment.


componentstringThe name of the tracing component to be enabled. Refer to the troubleshooting documentation for the full list of component names.
file_namestringThe name of the generated log file. If the file name is supplied without any path information the file will be written to the /var/iag/logs directory. If the file name contains path information the hosting directory must be created and available before the container is started.
levelnumberMinimum: 0

Maximum: 9

Default value: 0
The level of detail to be gathered by the tracing component in the range 0 to 9. Level 1 specifies the least detailed output and level 9 specifies the most detailed output. Level 0 will disable tracing for the component.


    - file_name: http_trans.log
      component: pdweb.http.transformation
      level: 9
    - file_name: http.log
      component: pdweb.http
      level: 5

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