Defines and enables transaction logging. This logging can be used to pinpoint performance issues in the environment.


file_namestringThe name of the generated log file. If the file name is supplied without any path information the file will be written to the /var/iag/logs directory. If the file name contains path information the hosting directory must be created and available before the container is started.
max_file_sizenumberMinimum: 1

Maximum: unlimited

Default value: 262144
The maximum size of the log file (in kilobytes) before it is rolled over. If not specified the file size is 262144 KB (256MB).
max_filesnumberMinimum: 1

Maximum: unlimited

Default value: 1
The maximum number of files to be created, including rollover files. If not specified the max number of files is unlimited.
compressbooleanValues: true or false

Default value: false
A boolean which indicates whether the generated file should be compressed. If not specified the files will not be compressed.


    file_name: trans.log
    max_file_size: 1024
    max_files: 5
    compress: true