Specifies the configuration related to failover support for the IBM Application Gateway.


keystringThe key which is used to protect the failover JWE cookie. This key should be 512 bits in length. If the key is greater than this size it will be truncated, and if it is less than this size it will be right-padded with 0's. An example openssl command to create this key is: openssl rand -out oct-512-bit.bin 64
cookie_namestringThe name of the cookie which will be used to store the failover JWE.
domain_cookiebooleanValues: true or false

Default value: false
A boolean flag indicating whether or not the failover cookie should include a domain. By including a domain the failover cookie will be sent to any server within the same DNS domain. For example, a failover cookie which is generated by will also be sent to The name of the domain which is used in the failover cookie is derived from the Host header in the HTTP request.


    key: 123A....
    cookie_name: jwe_cookie
    domain_cookie: false