Public Assets


This entry overloads the default assets used in server generated error and management response pages.
These assets are served by the application gateway on the configured path segment (default pkmspublic) and are suitable for embedding in server generated responses such as error or management pages.


If no value is specified here, the default set of assets will be used.
The default set of assets, used by the default error and management pages,, can be downloaded from GitHub (


contentstringThe content which will be used for the public assets. The content can either be the name of a directory, relative to the /var/iag/config directory of the container, or a zip file.
typestringValues: zip, pathThe type of content which is being supplied. Either a zip file or a directory name.
path_segmentstringDefault value: pkmspublicThe path which the assets will be available from. By default, this is pkmspublic.


    content: ""
    type: zip
    path_segment: public