Deprecated - Delete a custom schema attribute for the specified tenant in Cloud Directory.

Deprecated - This API is deprecated and will be removed after May 2022. Use this API: DELETE /v1.0/attributes/{attrId}

A custom schema attribute can be deleted when there are no user records that contain values for this attribute. To find all user records that have values for this attribute, use the "GET /Users?filter=urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:ibm:2.0:User:customAttributes.scimName pr" API where the "scimName" is the SCIM name of the custom attribute to delete. For each user record returned in the response, use the PUT /Users/{id} API to modify the record and remove the custom attribute. You can also use the POST /Bulk API to modify the records in a single request. After all the user records have been modified and the custom schema attribute is no longer used, you can delete the custom schema attribute.

Entitlement required: manageUserGroups (Manage users and groups) or manageAllUserGroups (Synchronize users and groups) or manageUserStandardGroups (Manage users and standard groups).
Note: You only need one entitlement, but you can have more than one.