As identity moves to the cloud along with applications, it can be difficult to bridge the gap for remaining legacy or on-premise applications. A light-weight solution is needed that can provide a consistent authentication experience for end-users regardless of the applications location or authentication capabilities.

Using the IBM Application Gateway (IAG) any application can be protected by IBM Security Verify or IBM Security Verify Access. IBM Application Gateway is a light-weight container providing a secure web reverse proxy that seamlessly extends the capabilities provided by IBM Security Verify and IBM Security Verify Access to any web application.


With a simplified deployment and configuration process, the IBM Application Gateway can provide a straightforward method for securing legacy applications. The IAG makes it possible to simply front-end applications with the secure web reverse proxy to instantly enable IBM Security Verify or IBM Security Verify Access authentication and authorization without requiring expensive changes or extensions to the applications being protected.


IBM Cloud Container Registry

The IBM Application Gateway (IAG) image is available from IBM Cloud Container Registry.
See Software Downloads > Containers for more information.