Client Definition

Client definition

This document covers the interface that is provided by the OAuth/OIDC main objects. The main objects are
the definition (also known as, federation or provider) and the client (also known as partner or relying party) configuration.

1. Definition

This object represents a definition.

Return TypeMethodDescription
stringgetDefinitionId()Return definition ID.
stringgetDefinitionName()Return definition name.
string[]getSupportedAuthorizationGrants()Return list of supported grant type.
BooleanissueRefreshToken()Verify whether the refresh_token grant type is enabled.
integergetAccessTokenLifetime()Return access token life time.
integergetAuthorizationCodeLifetime()Return authorization code life time.
integergetRefreshTokenLifetime()Return refresh token life time.
BooleanenforceSingleAccessTokenPerGrant()Verify whether single access token per grant needs to be enforced.
BooleanenforceSingleUseAuthorizationGrant()Verify whether single use access token need to be enforced.
BooleanenableMultipleRefreshTokensForFaultTolerance()Verify whether multiple refresh tokens for fault tolerance is enabled.
BooleanpinEnabled()Verify whether during the exchange of refresh token requires pin.
integergetPinLength()Return pin length.
stringgetTCMBehavior()Return consent prompt mode.
OidcDefinitiongetOidc()Return specific OIDC configuration.

1.1 Oidc definition

Return TypeMethodDescription
BooleanisOidc()Verify whether OIDC flag is enabled.
stringgetIss()Return issuer.
stringgetPoc()Return point of contact information.
integergetLifetime()Return ID token life time.
stringgetAlg()Return ID token signing algorithm.
stringgetDb()Return private keystore used to sign the ID token.
stringgetCert()Return private key label used to sign the ID token.
stringgetEncAlg()Return key encryption algorithm used to encrypt ID token.
stringgetEncEnc()Return content encryption algorithm used to encrypt ID token.
BooleandynamicClientsEnabled()Verify whether dynamic client endpoint is enabled.
BooleandynamicClientIssueSecret()Verify whether dynamic client issues a client secret.
BooleangetOidcCompliant()Verify whether OIDC-compliant flag is enabled.
BooleangetFapiCompliant()Verify whether FAPI-compliant flag is enabled.

2. Client

This object represents a client.

Return TypeMethodDescriptionArguments
stringgetClientId()Get client identifier.
stringgetClientSecret()Get client secret.
stringgetDisplayName()Get client name.
string[]getRedirectUris()Get registered redirect URIs.
BooleanisConfidential()Verify whether it is a confidential client.
BooleanisRequirePkce()Verify whether PKCE is needed for this client.
stringgetJwksUri()Return the jwks URI for this client.
objectgetJwks()Return the jwks document associated with this client.
stringgetEncryptionDb()Return the keystore of asymmetric key that is used for encrypting id_token.
stringgetEncryptionCert()Return the key label of asymmetric key that is used for encrypting id_token.
stringgetCompanyName()Return company name metadata associate with this client.
stringgetCompanyUrl()Return company url metadata associate with this client.
stringgetContactPerson()Return contact person metadata associate with this client.
stringgetEmailAddress()Return email address metadata associate with this client.
stringgetPhoneNumber()Return phone number metadata associate with this client.
stringgetContactType()Return contact type metadata associate with this client.
stringgetOtherInfo()Return other information metadata associate with this client.
anygetExtendedData(name)Return other extended property of this client, based on specified name.string