What's New

IBM Security Verify Access OIDC Provider is a new cloud native OIDC provider. The topic introduces new features and other information that is specific to the current release for IBM Security Verify Access OIDC Provider.

Version 22.09

  • Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA)
  • Pushed Authorization Requests (PAR)
  • Preview - OAuth 2.0 Demonstrating Proof-of-Possession (DPoP)

Version 22.12

  • JWT Secured Authorization Response Mode for OAuth 2.0 (JARM)
  • OAuth 2.0 Demonstrating Proof-of-Possession (DPoP)
  • Support for Oracle Database

Version 23.03

  • Support for IBM Db2 Database
  • Support for Kubernetes Secrets and ConfigMaps, YAML based configuration

Version 23.12

  • OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange
  • OpenID Connect Native SSO for Mobile Apps
  • Mapping rule simulator (runjs)
  • JavaScript helper function to call an existing ISVA STS chain
  • Support for Oracle 23c and Postgres 15

Version 24.04

Version 24.06

  • Defect fixes and Improvements
    • OAuthExtUtils associate() utility fix.
    • OAuthExtUtils throwException fix.
    • Import mapping rule.