IDMappingExtCache Utility

IDMappingExtCache utility

Use this utility to access the cache.

Example usage:

  IDMappingExtCache.put("mydata", "store this data", 120);
  if (IDMappingExtCache.exists("mydata")) {
Return TypeMethodDescriptionArguments
Booleanexists(lookupKey)Return true if the lookupKey exists in the cache, otherwise returns false.string
stringget(lookupKey)Return the entry that is associated with the lookupKey.string
stringgetAndRemove(lookupKey)Return the entry that is associated with the lookupKey and remove it from the cache.string
Booleanput(lookupKey, entry, timeToLive)Associate the entry with the lookupKey in the cache. The operation returns true when successful. Time to live is optional. The default is 60 seconds. However, it depends on whether the underlying implementation supports it.string, string, integer

IDMappingExtCache is fully compatible with interface.