Attempt a knowledge question verification.

Attempt a knowledge question verification.

To attempt a verification if the challenge is already in a completed state causes an error. The verification fails if answers to all questions are not supplied.

If the authenticated user does not have the entitlement 'authnAnyUser', then the user is only permitted to access verifications that they are associated with.

NB: Once a verification's state has changed from PENDING, it will cease to exist after a given time.

NB: To have this feature installed on the tenant please contact support.

NB: When the query parameter 'returnJwt' is included and set to 'true', the response will change from a 204 with no content to a 200 with a JSON body. This body will contain an assertion in the form of a JWT, which serves as cryptographic proof of the factor performed. The format of the response body is:
    "assertion": "ey..."

- authnAnyUser (Authenticate any user)
- authn (Authenticate self)