Creates a user in Cloud Directory.

Entitlement required: manageUserGroups (Manage users and groups), or manageAllUserGroups (Synchronize users and groups), or manageUserStandardGroups (Manage users and standard groups).
Note: You only need one entitlement, but you can have more than one.

The users are created for a specific tenant that is specified in the request. Users are either created to use Cloud Directory as an identity source or as a just-in-time provisioning sequence when the user is authenticated at a remote identity source such as an enterprise authentication.

By default, an email is sent with the password to the user that was created, unless its a federated user. Federated users do not get an email notification. The email templates for branding are at "notifications/user_management/profile/{locale}/account_created_email.xml" and "notifications/user_management/profile/{locale}/account_created_email_with_no_password.xml". Pass in the themeId query parameter to brand the email templates for notifications. To turn off email notifications, send the notifications option "urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:ibm:2.0:Notification": {"notifyType":"NONE"} in the payload.