Create a set of mobile push provider credentials.

Store mobile push credentials for Android or IOS mobile applications that use the IBM Verify mobile SDK. ISV supports the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) for iOS and the Firebase Cloud Messaging service (FCM) for Android. Credentials are stored under the unique appId for the mobile application. Production and development credentials are supported. The credentials are retrieved at runtime when sending push notifications to the mobile application.

An ISV assigned unique identifier for the push credential is returned in the “location” response header.

Entitlements required: managePushCreds (Manage Push Notification Credentials).

The appId specified in the payload must match the unique application id for the mobile application. Credentials for IOS and Android applications should be stored using separate API calls unless the IOS and Android apps use the identical appId.

Firebase Credentials
The service account JSON can be generated through the Firebase Console in Project Settings -> Service Accounts. For more information, see the Firebase documentation on its HTTP v1 API.

APNs Credentials
Download the APNs certificate (.cer) file for your app from your Apple developer website and convert it to base64 format with the following steps:
1. When the SSL certificate is ready, click “Download” to save it to your Mac.
2. On your Mac, locate the downloaded SSL certificate and double-click it to install it in your keychain.
3. On your Mac, open Keychain Access. Under “My Certificates”, locate the certificate that you have just added; it should be called "Apple Development IOS Push Services:".
4. Right-click on the certificate, select "Export Apple Development IOS Push Services:" and save it as a .p12 file. Enter a password to protect the exported certificate.
5. From the terminal, base64 encode the p12 file with the following command:
$ base64 --input Certificate.p12 --output Certificate.txt
6. Use the contents of Certificate.txt as the “base64Cert” in the body payload.