Reset a user's password.

When the password is reset, a notification is optionally sent to the user to indicate that a password reset was performed. The notification also includes the new temporary password for the user to log in to the system. When the user logs in, the user is prompted to change the password.
Passwords cannot be reset for federated users.
By default, the notification is sent via email, but this delivery selection can be overridden by the notifyType value in the notifications object (See Model under Data Type).
The password can be specified or auto-generated. For an auto-generated password, a notification is sent via email and cannot be overridden by the notifyType attribute. The notifyPassword value in the ResetPasswordOperationValue is ignored and the user's reset password is always included in a notification.

Entitlement required: manageUserGroups (Manage users and groups) or manageAllUserGroups (Synchronize users and groups) or manageUserStandardGroups (Manage users and standard groups) or updateAnyUser (Update any user).
Note: You only need one entitlement, but you can have more than one.