Retrieves a list of a manager's reportees that belong to a specified tenant and match the search filter criteria.

Entitlement required: manageMyOrg (Manage my organization)

This API requires an authenticated user's access token that is generated from an application client during sign-on. This API does not support the use of an API client-generated access token.
Send a valid user access token in the authorization header, by using the bearer authentication scheme.

To improve performance, specify the list of the attributes that you want returned by using the attributes query parameter.

Searching, sorting, paging, and filtering are supported. A maximum of 2500 records are returned for a search query.

Each call to the endpoint returns at most 2,500 reportees. If more reportees exist that were not returned, an additional element called "bookmark" is returned in the response payload. To get the next set of reportees, the caller makes an additional call to the same endpoint, and passes the bookmark value as a query parameter named "nextPage". For example ?nextPage=XASDGAJDGKAWHGI=. The caller continues to make calls to the endpoint until no bookmark element are returned in the response payload, which indicates that all reportees were returned. To use bookmarks, specify useBookmark=true as a query parameter.