Initiate a reset password request by using an authentication mechanism.

Initiates a reset password request for the user. Each step defines a method to verify the user's identity. Valid methods are emailLink, emailotp, smsotp, voiceotp, totp, fingerprint, and userpresence. A transaction identifier, steps remaining, and the next step to perform are returned in the response. When multiple steps are associated with the transaction, call the POST /v1.0/usc/password/resetter/{trxId}/validator API to verify the user's identity until only one step remains. When one step remains, call the PUT /v1.0/usc/password/resetter/{trxId} to verify the last step and reset the user's password.

The totp, fingerprint, and userpresence verification methods require user enrollment. The fingerprint method also works with facial recognition. The other verification methods are transient and do not require user enrollment.

When the system is unable to reset the password, the audit event generated will contain the cause of the error.

Entitlements required: resetPassword (Reset password).