Update a knowledge question enrollment.

Update a knowledge question enrollment.

To add a new answer, or update an existing answer, then include the 'answer' attribute alongside the 'questionKey'. If an entry is missing or removed from the 'questions' list, then that question is removed from the enrollment. At least one question must remain enrolled.

If the number of questions are fewer than the minimum required for a valid enrollment, then the enrollment is considered incomplete. The 'validated' attribute value is set as 'false' and the enrollment is not available for productive runtime verifications.

If the authenticated user does not have the entitlement 'manageEnrollMFAMethodAnyUser' then the user is only permitted to access enrollments that they are associated with.

NB: To have this feature installed on the tenant please contact support.

- manageEnrollMFAMethodAnyUser (Manage second-factor authentication enrollment for all users)
- manageEnrollMFAMethod (Manage own second-factor authentication enrollment)