Branding and customization


Almost everything in your Verify tenant, from the end user's point of view, can be branded with your look and feel with little effort. User login flows, error message handling, text properties and logos can all be modified. With a little bit of CSS and HTML, you can transform your login experience into something more fantastic and familiar to your market presence.


It is good to understand what can and cannot be branded and customized. Outlined below is a list of which pages are supported by the templates in the branding package and which are not.

What can be brandedWhat cannot be branded (currently)
– Login
– Forgot password / change password
– Identity provider selection
– Passwordless authentication
– Multi-factor selection and input
– SMS / Email / Voice notifications
– User modification notifications'
– Consent pages
– Social login
– Error pages
– User registration
– Inline multi-factor
– User launchpad
– Profile management

What’s Next