SaaS provisioning

SaaS provisioning


IBM® Security Verify can manage provisioning for many SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Zscaler, Box, Pagerduty and many more.
Being a continuous delivery model, more and more application are getting enabled with provisioning capabilities.
List of applications which supports provisioning can be found at Knowledge center.

Being a SaaS offering, IBM® Security Verify can directly connect to various SaaS applications and is capable to provision / de-provision user accounts at target application.
Also user permissions can be managed from Verify.


Provisioning ensures that accounts exist in the application for users who are entitled to use them. Account provisioning is typically done in cases where a new employee is hired in the organization or the employee changed job title, department, or contact information. A user must have an account in the target application to access its resources.
Verify provides seamless account provisioning when user gets on-boarded in Verify.