OpenShift Operator

Dynamically onboard applications running in an OpenShift environment to Verify SaaS for centralized authentication and authorization.


The IBM Security Verify operator allows developers and admins of OpenShift to enforce authentication and authorization policies for all applications in an OpenShift cluster. The IBM Security Verify operator allows applications to be dynamically onboarded and centrally protected from IBM Security Verify SaaS.
The IBM Security Verify operator is available through the Red Hat OpenShift catalog and is certified as a Red Hat OpenShift image to ensure the proper currency and security when deployed within the OpenShift platform.


To use the IBM Security Verify operator, the following pre-requisites must be met:

  • OpenShift must be deployed. The IBM Security Verify operator does not support other Kubernetes environments.
  • The Red Hat OpenShift certified NGINX Operator must be installed and the applications that will be protected by IBM Security Verify SaaS must be accessible by the NGINX ingress controller.
  • An IBM Security Verify SaaS tenant is required.

IBM Security Verify operator installation

The details for the IBM Security Verify operator can be found in the IBM Security Verify operator GitHub. This will provide details on the operator architecture and flows supported, including the steps of configuring and installing the Verify Operator.

Configuring Verify SaaS with the Verify Operator

Once the Verify operator is installed, and corresponding pre-requisites are met, there are a few steps needed to complete the configuration.

1. Obtain client ID and secret in YAML format

The Verify Operator requires the client ID and secret for an API client that has the Manage OIDC client registration dynamically entitlement. In new tenants, an API client with this permission will already exist. For older tenants, you will need to create a new API client with this permission.


Grant "Manage OIDC client registration dynamically" entitlement.

To obtain the client ID and secret for your API client, log into your IBM Security Verify tenant as an admin and navigate to Security -> API Access.​ Click the dots on the tile for the client and select Connection details.


API client section in IBM Security Verify SaaS

Select the download icon for the Kubernetes secret to download a YAML file which can be used to create a Secret in OpenShift that contains the connection details. This Secret will be used by the Verify operator to connect to your Verify SaaS tenant.


Download YAML needed for configuring Verify Operator with Verify SaaS

2. Create Secret and Custom Resource in OpenShift

Once the YAML defining the connection Secret has been downloaded, the following steps can be followed to configure the Verify operator, found in the Verify operator configuration section. Please ensure the formatting and data schema is followed when configuring the Verify operator with your Verify SaaS tenant.

Onboard applications

Applications can be onboarded automatically or manually. The Verify operator usage section outlines using the operator to protect applications.